Ghostwriter agency

Our ghostwriter agency is considered to be the safest company in the vast market of writing services. We have achieved this through the constant work, development and perseverance that leads to success. During the years of successful service, our customers are satisfied with the numerous and varied academic work we offer. These are not only housework of various nature, such as papers, essays, book and film reviews, but also serious academic projects, such as bachelor thesis, master’s thesis and doctoral thesis. Online consulting is also possible with us by checking for grammar, surveying or formatting your own work.

Team of qualified authors

We value our authors because each one of them is a highly skilled, experienced and responsible professional who demonstrates a high level of knowledge in his / her subject. We do not have bachelor graduates who were recently students. All employees of our ghostwriter masterwork agency have at least one (often more) master’s degree and only show top grades at graduation. Almost a third of the authors are graduates who have a doctorate.


Moreover, ghostwriting scientific, which we appoint to write your work, have the special qualification not only in the general academic subject area, but within your research question, so that each focus of the question is known to them and they could express the question knowledgeably and expertly. In our case, every author deals only in his / her subject in full.

Always competent

If you want to order something as serious and academically serious as a dissertation from us, you can be sure that it will be written by the author, who not only has his doctorate, but has also received a good doctorate overall grade for his own work. Such careful selection by the authors at our ghostwriter agency will allow you to complete your work at the highest level.

In harmony with claims

If you are still upset about the question, you can convince yourself of it. We follow the strict rule regarding the qualifications of our ghostwriters by posting the useful requirements online as well. So you can see for yourself which qualification you need at least for any type of academic work.

Despite all this, not just a qualification is needed to apply to us. We only work with experienced authors who have been working in ghostwriting for decades and are up to any challenge. This guarantees the success of your work and also of our academic ghostwriting agency.


Since only the best authors work for us, we are confident in your competence and confidentiality. When we recruit them, we test how they work by writing a special test paper. No plagiarism is possible with us, it is simply a total taboo. After reviewing our authors, we provide our authors with total confidentiality and security for our clients.